We operate the oldest foundry and are the only manufacturer of casted spare parts in Rwanda. Please see “Our Foundry Process” page to learn more.

Heat treatment

We operate with world-renowned heat treatment furnaces, optimizing our production processes.


We are equipped with all the necessary machines and tools to conduct machining operations to operate our hand tools division and service parts from our customers.

Vast Experience in the Industry

delivering to clients in the construction and agriculture industries and other industries such as mining, cement, automotive/transportation, utilities and other manufacturing, commercial and government entities that to replace wearable casted spare parts in their equipment, have casted metal parts made to order or need hand tools

Experts in the field

Our team is skilled, passionate, and committed individuals with experience in their respective fields. Personalized experience and quality products are our speciality

Highest quality assurance

We pride ourselves in ensuring consistent delivery of quality products which has helped us build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Our Clients and Partners