About us

Chillington Rwanda Ltd was first established as an agricultural hand tool manufacturer and later expanded into steel and iron castings manufacturing for the construction industry and range of other industries.

About Chillington Rwanda

Incorporated in 1982 as an agricultural hand tools business, Chillington Rwanda Ltd later diversified into steel and iron castings. We currently produce wearable spare parts for quarries, mining companies, cement factories, construction entities, automotive and utility industries both in Rwanda and the region. Chillington Rwanda is a key player in the metal industry in the country and continues to play a significant role in empowering the youth with technical skills through its established Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) centre. Our most recent addition to our diverse product line is 3-layered facemasks manufacturing.

Chillington Rwanda Ltd currently employs 80 permanent employees, with an active TVET centre training future technicians and engineers year-round. We are consistently seeking opportunities to diversify our product base, geographic reach whilst continuing our efforts to equip the youth with experiential knowledge and skills.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support the development of the manufacturing industry in Rwanda and East Africa, through production of small machineries, hand tools, and quality spare parts used in the in the construction and agriculture industries and other industries such as mining, cement, automotive/transportation, utilities and other manufacturing, commercial and government entities with superior customer service at the right price.

We are solution-oriented

At Chillington Rwanda we pride ourselves on crafting useful and innovative solutions for our customers in the local and regional market while continuously promoting the Made in Rwanda initiative as well as responding to market demands in the region. Chillington Rwanda has continuously addressed gaps in the agriculture sector for years making it possible to locally source some of the machinery required for agribusinesses to operate and expand with products such as wheelbarrows, shovels, hoes,and more. We also continue to provide business solutions in industries such as construction, mining, utilities with products such as casted parts, stone crusher spares, manhole covers, and the ability to repair imported machinery when they break down. We recently diversified into the healthcare industry with 3-layered masks responding to the high-demand that emerged in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our impact

Chillington Rwanda is committed to increasing its product base and geographic reach hence further promoting Made in Rwanda products beyond Rwandan borders as well as growing our TVET education center to empower more youth in the manufacturing sector in Rwanda. We are the #1 employer of vocational training interns in mechanical engineering in Rwanda thus contributing to the UN Sustainable Goals #8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) and #9 (Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure). Chillington Rwanda employs in the community it operates hence improving the lives of its employees and their families.

Furthermore, we continue to contribute to the decrease of the country’s reliance on imported parts and machinery. We will continue to provide quality products at reasonable prices to all our customers and several distributors, allowing our partners to thrive in their businesses by being a reliable business in the community.

Our Executive Team

Mohammad Khaled

Managing Director

David Rusirare

Executive Chairman

Ornella Nkurunziza

General Manager

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